Peter Leopold, Ph.D.

Data Analysis for Science and Technology

Portrait of Peter Leopold,  PhD
Leopold was born in Washington, DC and raised in Montgomery County, MD. He is a 1981 graduate of Walter Johnson High School and a 1985 graduate of Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences where he majored in Physics and History. He attended the University of California, San Diego from 1985-1992, where he received a Ph.D. in Physics for his dissertation Protein Folding Funnels: Kinetic Structure of Compact Conformation Space. He pursued post-graduate research at Harvard University Department of Chemistry. In 1995, he took a position as Software Scientist at Bruker Analytical Systems Inc, which later became Bruker Daltonics. In 1997, he was tapped to become the founding scientist at Bruker spin-out ProteiGene Inc. He rose to the position of Vice President in 2000 before Bruker reabsorbed ProteiGene before its IPO. Leopold started BioAnalyte in 2001 in response to the need for a vendor-neutral third party producer of mass spectrometry data analysis software. He is married and lives in Maine and Massachusetts.